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Code of Conduct

View our policies for behaviour, social media, emergencies and more.

Editorial Guidelines

Our guidelines to ensure our content meets the Ofcom Broadcasting Code


Additional Information as referenced in the Code of Conduct and Editorial Guidelines


The following outlines important regulations and guidelines which all Tequila Radio members should abide by in their on air and off air activity. On Air describes any situation where a member is directly responsible for the programming currently broadcasting on the radio station. Off Air refers to conduct outside the station that may bring Tequila Radio into disrepute or be detrimental in any way to the stations name and reputation.

There are two parts to this policy. A Code of the Conduct and Editorial Guidelines. Presenters, Producers, Management and other members of Tequila Radio are to consider the Code of Conduct as a rule book for what they can and cannot do in their involvement in Tequila Radio. The Editorial Guidelines outline our procedures and guidelines which should be strongly considered when making any Tequila Radio programming. Repetitive, deliberate or serious breaches of these regulations and/or guidelines may result in disciplinary proceedings and/or a removal from involvement with the station without refund of the membership fee. This document will be published on the radio station website, emailed to every member and a copy will be made available in the Tequila Radio Studio (CB308, ATRiuM, University of Glamorgan) for reference purposes.

Listeners who feel they need to make a complaint about any of the content on Tequila Radio should consult section 13 of the Editorial Guidelines. All complaints will be respected and acknowledged.