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Tequila Radio wants YOU! Yes you to join our lovely, charming, talented and slightly zany bunch of presenters, producers, management and promotions people.

But “why” I hear you say? Why should you join? What's in it for you? Well here's FIVE top reasons to be part of the Tequila family:

1. You get to be on the radio (well online anyway!) – like Chris Moyles, Chris Evans, Zane Lowe and that bloke off the GoCompare ads :)

2. You get to be creative and experimental – you can make whole shows about random things like Bacon or whether Uranium glows in the dark (although those ideas have already been done I'm afraid).

3. You'll get to meet and work with a whole bunch of characters who would always be willing to buy you a drink (if only they weren't constantly bankrupt).

4. You get to experience all the fun of Tequila socials, events and special broadcasts like karaoke or gigging or actually doing a radio show from your own home (so you don't have to get out of bed and go to the studio).

5. If you're REALLY good you can win a Student Radio Award and actually end up doing your own show on Radio 1 (seriously!)

Drooling over the prospect of joining now? Click on “Roles at Tequila” to find out what all the great things you can do here.